You want your house to be comfortable throughout the year. You also want your utility bills to be affordable.

If you are heating spaces in your home that are seldom used or you have to heat the whole house just to get comfortable in the living room, perhaps a cost-effective zoned heating system could be a great solution for you.

What is Zoned Heating?

In many homes, the heating system is controlled by a single thermostat. To raise the temperature in one room, the whole house is heated. In a multiple story home, this can lead to uneven heating. You may have to overheat one floor in order to get comfortable heat on another or you may find that you have hot and cold spots throughout your home. Zoned heating provides a solution by dividing the house into multiple zones with each zone regulated by its own thermostat. Each zone can be heated independently. This means that you can heat only the floor you are on or the current room you are using.

What are the Benefits of Zoned Heating?

Zoned heating has several benefits for a homeowner, such as:

  • Greater control over your home heating.
  • Individual comfort zones for your family members.
  • Utility bill savings, especially if you incorporate programmable thermostats.

When you only heat the spaces that are in use, rather than the whole house, it simply costs less.

How to Get Started

If zoned heating sounds like a good idea to you, you will want to be in touch with a heating professional like the ones at AAA service. An HVAC technician can plan with you and help you address questions like:
What is involved in converting my house to zoned heating?
How many zones do I need in my home?
Do I need to update any of my existing equipment?

If you are interested in the comfort and savings that a zoned heating system can provide, contact the experts at AAA Service. We are happy to help you with all your heating and plumbing needs. Give us a call today.


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