Want to get a “cool” present for Dad this year? How about considering a new central air conditioning unit? Not only will your dad enjoy the gift of comfort for years to come, but the whole family can also reap the benefits too! Here’s why a central air conditioning system makes the perfect Father’s Day gift!

Save Money

Dads especially love saving money. When you purchase a central air unit that has a good Energy Star rating, you’ll save more money than if you install window units throughout your home. The investment pays for itself in the long run.

It’s Quiet

Compared to window units, central air conditioners are quiet, leaving the whole family cool and comfortable without annoying noises.

Safe Installation

If you are purchasing a central air conditioning unit, you’ll need to have it installed professionally. An experienced HVAC technician will know how to ensure it’s installed properly and runs efficiently and safely.

Easy Operation

Unlike wall units, you won’t’ have to remove them at the end of the season. Just set your programmable thermostat to your most comfortable temperature, and you can go about your day.

Improve Air Quality

If dad or any other family members have allergies, having a central A/C system can be beneficial. Unlike a window unit that doesn’t correctly filter air, a central air conditioning unit can help remove contaminants from the air through its filter.

If you need a new central A/C system, our HVAC experts can help! We can guide you to find the perfect air conditioning unit that dad will love! From repair and maintenance to new A/C unit installation, AAA Service has you covered! Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about how we can help the whole family stay cool this summer!

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