While flickering lights in your home may be scary, it probably doesn’t mean it’s haunted. There are many possible reasons for your lights to go on and off and it’s best to investigate the problem sooner than later. Here are some reasons why your lights are flickering:

Plug Issues

Ignoring flickering lights usually won’t make the problem go away. Dismissing the matter could bring on more complex issues as well as interfere with your safety. If you have lights that keep flashing, it’s possible that plugs may not be secured firmly.

Light Bulb Problems

You may have an issue that involves your light bulb in some manner. Its placement may not be adequately secure. You may have a bulb variety that’s not suitable for your specific dimmer switch. You may have a questionable switch.

Electrical Trouble

Flickering lights could possibly be related to in-depth electrical matters. Shifts in voltage are sometimes associated with flashing lights. Wiring that’s antiquated or that isn’t in its required spots may be associated with flashing troubles as well. You shouldn’t rule out meter box difficulties as well. If your lights flicker when using the hair dryer or other electrical appliances, it may be time to upgrade your electical system.

Loose Wiring

Loose wiring can be hazardous to you and your family. If you have old or loose wiring, flickering may result. Remember, too, that wiring dilemmas can sometimes bring on fires. Any loose wiring should be remedied as soon as possible to safeguard your property and your loved ones from a fire hazard.  

Sometimes flickering lights and electrical problems can’t be resolved on your own and professional help is needed. . Call or schedule an appointment online with AAA Service today for more details about how we can get your flickering light problem resolved.

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