Do you have a faucet that is slowly dripping, drip, dripping away? You keep telling yourself that you will get around to fixing it. Yet, it’s still giving a steady stream of water, and you barely even notice it. A few drops can’t cause that much damage or can it?

Taking care of a dripping faucet before it gets out of hand, can save you a costly headache. Here are common things we uncover when we are called out to fix a leak:

Moisture Destroys Wood and Causes Mold

We know that plumbing leaks are bound to happen at some time in your life. They are an annoyance, but if you let that leak go, it can cost you time and money. First, water is moisture, and moisture is the breeding ground for mold. When the black mold is present in the home, it causes breathing problems and can affect your health. Not to mention that all that moisture can cause the wood surfaces it encounters to rot. You must consider the location of the leak as well as the severity of it. Even a leak in the bathroom faucet can wear away at the sink’s surface top.

Rust Forms

Rust is an unsightly problem that occurs when you have metal and water combined. Metal cannot handle moisture, though your pipes may be metal they have a protective coating. Not only will the leak cause your equipment to have unnecessary wear and tear, but it can shorten the overall lifespan too.

Sky High Water Bills

Have you noticed an increase in your water bill? When you have a leak, it’s wasting water. Even the smallest of drips can cause your bill to skyrocket. You must monitor your water bill each month. If you have a leak in an area that is hidden, your water bill will tell you long before you see or hear it. Thankfully, AAA Service can locate and fix that leak, and we can keep the costs from mounting. The sooner the dripping faucet is repaired, the less you will have to pay in damages.

Do you have a dripping faucet that you have let go for too long? Let the professionals at AAA Service take care of your plumbing issues. We service the Denver and surrounding areas. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

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