While you understandably need to use your home’s heating system regularly throughout the cold weather season for warmth and comfort, you may be one of many local residents who is overheating your home.

You may assume that overheating your home would only make the home’s interior temperature higher than what you would like it to be, but this is not the case. Overheating your home describes using your heating system more heavily than necessary.

The Impact on Your Thermostat

You may overheat your home by cranking up the thermostat after being gone for a long period of time, heating an empty house and more. By failing to adjust the thermostat settings in a strategic and thoughtful way, your furnace may cause the heater to run more frequently or heavily than is needed. This results in higher energy bills, more wear and tear on your furnace equipment and other effects that you understandably want to avoid.

When You Heat an Empty House

Improper thermostat usage is only one aspect of furnace use that should be analyzed. Many people fail to adjust their thermostat when they are leaving their home for an extended period of time. Ideally, you will program the thermostat to avoid overheating your home during these times. However, avoid turning the heater off completely or trying to increase the temperature dramatically within a short period of time. Temperature adjustments should be made moderately and strategically.

Tips to Reduce Overheating Your Home

You can see that overheating your home impacts your comfort, your energy bills, the condition of your heating equipment and more. These are a few essential tips to follow to avoid overheating your home this winter:

  • Program your thermostat strategically.
  • Ensure the batteries in your thermostat have ample power.
  • Keep your home moderately heated even when you are not home.

If you have noticed signs of wear and tear or general inefficiency with your heating equipment or you need a thermostat upgrade, now is the time to schedule service. Our skilled HVAC repair techs are available to head to your home soon. Call us or schedule an appointment online for help with all your HVAC needs. 

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