spring plumbing tips

Homeowners may think that autumn is the only time to make sure that their home’s plumbing system is in excellent working condition, but they should also check the plumbing devices before spring arrives. Here are some tips for preparing a home’s pipes for spring.

Tip 1: Inspect the Pipes

Use a flashlight to look at the pipes and faucets that are located in darker areas inside your home. Bring along a notebook to record any problems such as a leaky pipe or a loose handle on a faucet. These are problems that may require repair from a skilled plumber.

Tip 2: Remove Any Debris that has Collected around the Exterior Pipes

The winter weather conditions may have led to piles of leaves, trash or branches around the plumbing devices outside your home, so use lawn care equipment to remove any debris in addition to picking up the garbage from the property.

Tip 3: Turn On the Exterior Pipes

Turn on the water for the exterior pipes before checking the items for leaks. These pipes are more likely to incur damage due to the exposure to cold air, snow, and ice. If there is a problem, then we recommend turning off the water to the exterior plumbing system until a plumber can fix the issues.

Tip 4: Is the Water Heater In Good Condition?

Water heaters tend to have problems during the winter, but homeowners may not notice the damage to the appliance until spring arrives. You may need to empty the water heater to remove sediment, or the tank may have developed rust, indicating that a new water heater may be needed.

Tip 5: Check Your Home’s Toilets

Toilets are one of the most used plumbing fixtures in a home and can have malfunctioning components inside the tank — or the pipes may begin to leak. Attempting to install or fix the plumbing in your toilet could make the problem worse. Contact a professional plumber to fix or replace your toilet.

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