Frozen pipes are a common problem during the winter months, however, what you think may have caused it to freeze, may or may not be true. Here are some common frozen pipe myths we’ve debunked!

Myth: A Pipe Won’t Freeze Unless The Temperature is Below Freezing for Several Nights

Fact: A pipe can freeze even if the temperature is only below freezing for one night. Your pipes are more likely to freeze if they are not insulated. That is why it is important to double check for proper insulation on all pipes.

Myth: A Frozen Pipe Always Bursts

Fact: In many cases, a pipe will thaw without bursting. If you want to thaw a pipe, then you will need to make sure that the main water valve is cut off. You will also need to make sure that all of the faucets are turned on. You can use a hair dryer, heat lamp or small space heater to thaw the pipe.

Myth: The Pipe Will Not Freeze if the Faucet Drips

Fact: There is some truth to this myth. You will slow down the formation of ice in the pipes if you let the faucets drip. However, there is still a chance that your pipes will freeze.

Myth: Ice Expansion is What Causes the Pipes to Burst

Fact: The expanding ice is not what causes the pipes to burst. The pressure inside of the pipe is what causes it to burst.

Myth: Some Pipes are Freeze-Proof

Fact: Many companies claim that they have pipes that can withstand freezing temperatures. Some pipes are better than others. However, your pipes can still burst even if the company claims that they are freeze-proof.

Many people end up with frozen pipes because they believe common myths about them. It is important for you to take the necessary steps to protect your pipes. If you’re   concerned about frozen or burst pipes, call or schedule an appoint online with AAA service today. We’re ready to help!

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