Carbon Monoxide is dangerous, sneaky and fast moving, so you need to make sure you stay ahead of it. The best way to stay ahead is through education, and we can provide that here at AAA Service.


Understanding Carbon Monoxide

  • Carbon Monoxide is a byproduct of chemical reactions that are related to combustion. So basically, your car, grill, furnace and anything that uses gas can be potentially harmful.
  • Carbon Monoxide is silent and almost odorless.
  • A person can die from CO poisoning in a matter of minutes and the symptoms often go unnoticed.
  • CO poisoning is often mistaken for flu like symptoms. Dizziness, chest tightness, nausea and congestion are all early warning signs.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

  • NEVER cook with your grill in the garage or an enclosed space. The fumes will start to accumulate and have the same effect as running a car in the garage.
  • You MUST replace the batteries in the detector at the beginning of each season. This might be slightly excessive, as many people say you should do it twice a year, but better safe than sorry.
  • You NEED smoke and CO alarms on every floor of your home. It would be smart to have them interconnected that way when one sounds– they all sound!
  • If MULTIPLE people in your home come down with symptoms at the same time, it’s not the flu! Leave the home immediately and call the local fire department. Better safe than sorry!

How AAA Service Can Help
Our dedicated heating team understands how vital their role is to upholding the safety of you and your family. At the start of every heating season, our team performs thousand of furnace inspections in the Denver area and they know exactly what to look for. They make sure your unit is filtered and disposing of gases properly and that it is working efficiently. Not only will this help your unit perform, but it gives you the peace of mind you need when the cold comes around.

If you want to schedule a heating inspection, call 303-872-7535 or click around on our website!

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