There are certain facts and myths that you should know about ventilation. Otherwise, you could have an HVAC system that causes all kinds of problems, such as excessive humidity or spikes in energy bills. 

Here are several attic ventilation myths that you should ignore.

Myth #1 – It’s Better to Have More Ventilation

Adding on vents to draw in more air is not guaranteed to work. More openings cause leaks to seep into the attic, spreading onto the walls and floors. Overall, trying to improve ventilation may be unnecessary and cause more problems than expected. Speak to a professional first and consider the amount of ventilation that is needed in your home.

Myth #2 – Ventilation Is Wasteful During the Winter

Some may think that ventilation increases the loss of heat. It’s assumed that when vents are used, the warm air is released.However, the loss of warm air is actually caused by a poor insulation system.

Myth #3 – Rely on Research for Answers

People trust the work of scientific researchers. However, numerous research studies are done in labs and not in environments like your home. Many results are not relevant to the temperatures and conditions in your attic.

Myth #4 – All Roof Vents Work

Not all vents are guaranteed to work. Some vents, for example — ridge vents, provide little to no ventilation. Static vents work but may cause leaks. Other types work only in certain parts of the attic. Selecting the right design is crucial to getting the right amount of ventilation.

Myth #5 – No Maintenance Is Required

Like appliances, vents require regular maintenance to work properly. If you want your vents to operate at full capacity it’s important to ensure they are free from clogs and debris. Clogged vents and fans do not work properly and interfere with ventilation.

One size does not fit all when it comes to an HVAC system. The amount of ventilation that you need depends on the size of your house. Speak with our heating and ventilation professionals to have your home inspected and outfitted with the right equipment. Call or schedule an appointment online with AAA Service to discuss your options.

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