Answers from the test two days ago… How did you do?

Posted on on November 9th, 2011

Answers: 1. True 2. False. The odor of mercaptan is a warning sign of a gas leak. 3. True 4. True 5. False. If you suspect a gas leak, leave the area immediately and avoid using anything that may create a spark. 6. True 7. True 8. True 9. False. Reducing the temperature to 120 […]

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Improving on Home Improvements

Posted on on November 3rd, 2011

Do you know how to tell if your home improvement efforts will pay off? One of the best ways we’ve found is an easy method of comparing your monthly utility bills. Even though the price of natural gas, water, and electricity fluctuates from year to year—and season to season—you still can get a good idea […]

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Have You Met Our Good Friend “NATE?”

Posted on on September 14th, 2011

If you pursue a college education, you might earn a bachelor’s or other degree the working world acknowledges as both a major achievement and as a sign of skill or knowledge in a certain field. The same is true in the HVAC/R industry, which stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. HVAC/R technicians that […]

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Recent Feedback From Customers

Posted on on September 11th, 2011

We won’t forget you when we need plumbing needs and you are doing a great job not only following up but staying in touch with your customers. Sent from my:  I-Pad Thank You, Steven H Your technicians, Chuck and Trevor, were very professional and did an excellent job installing my new furnace and hot water […]

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It’s Not the Heat, it’s the Humidity

Posted on on July 25th, 2011

If you’ve ever visited the southern United States in August, you know what too much humidity feels like. But is too much humidity a bad thing? Well, humidity can create and promote an environment where bacteria, mold, various fungi and dust mites flourish, but dry air can cause problems, too. In fact, both dry air […]

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